Since Gen Z took over the stage with their reincarnation of the message that David Bowie gave us: Love yourself, love life. By influencing millions of generations of teenagers, he taught us the magic of difference and embracing change and tolerance.

It’s something we can truly see in today’s social…

Primarily, a content creator is someone who creates entertaining or educational material to be expressed through media or channel.

Content creation is mainly aimed at digital content, given that this is where it is usually seen, but there is also another side of content creation. It can, for example, be…

Age is just a number’ is a catchphrase we all recognize ourselves in. Like people under 30 live in crisis just because they don’t know what they want to do in life. It’s far from the truth. Vera Wang, the famous designer, started her clothing brand at age 39. Colonel…

We believe in authentic content, created by the brand’s loyal ambassadors.

You can simply put our mission in one short sentence; to identify your ambassadors.

This means that you are able to work with the people who are already fans of your brand. Let me quickly go through our way…

Available on App Store & Google Play — update now!

Since the beginning, we’ve built Society icon on the belief that everyone’s influence counts. We always put our icons in the center and develop our platform based on their feedback and wishes.

This update is a direct result of this. Listening and calibrating to our icons’ and client’s wishes.

Our new update includes easier campaign process, seamless connection to both Instagram and TikTok — thanks to being Official Instagram & TikTok partners. For brands, it means you can now make the right decisions based on even more data — including audience data as well as true reach.

It’s never been easier to identify your brand ambassadors and start collaborating with them, creating stunning content for your brand.

Want to learn more? Contact us to book a free demo.

A new culture and creative economy are on the rise, raising a powerful voice, a voice in which we believe.

We want to help brands of any sort to connect and grow, together with this culture of content creating superstars.
Creators like you and me. Inviting them to co-create, communicate, and be the extended marketing department, while increasing the relationship and loyalty between brand and consumer.

Since our start in…

Society icon

Everyone’s influence counts.

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