A Way of Catching the Followers Eyes

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2 min readAug 19, 2022

Why are we so attached to transitions? Is it because it is innovative? Creative? Something we couldn’t do ourselves? Of course, we can! And it’s brilliant. Almost like taking something original and turning it into something surreal. Snap your fingers and change your clothes — yes, please!

Today, transitions are one of the big things we love to watch when it comes to social media besides people jumping into the water from 15 meters in Micos Canyon or dogs riding ducks. Transitions give us that surprise on the day that we love. A way to combine evidence and ah-a while we want to look at what it is that wants with the video.

If we go deeper into why transitions are so good, it’s because you can easily promote something that you, as a creator, are tasked with doing. It can be about clothes, baked goods, a travel agency, shoe brand, or make-up — you name it.

So you or I might wonder: is there something we need to think about when creating a transition? Of course, art shouldn’t be too easy to create. That’s why the end result is so good!

The first step is obviously knowing how to start and end your clip. Is it a specific transition you are going to make? Explore opportunities and find inspiration on social media.

Once you have the basics down, you can start experimenting.

Making the transition noticeable really comes down to the position and timing of the camera. Some combinations require your phone, your body, or both to stay in the same position every frame. Other transitions, especially those involving object or body movement, require appropriate timing when editing clips. By matching the previous action to the next, the transition feels seamless.

Transitions are endless — do your thing to catch your followers eyes.