Are Luxury Brands Being Left Behind on TikTok?

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2 min readJan 26, 2022


TikTok is one of the largest media platforms today. The statistics do not lie.
With over one billion active users, TikTok is a platform you should turn to if you want to advertise on social media.

It is an easy format to use when it comes to film, you can choose the style of advertising and the creative height is usually better and much more aimed at its target group.

How come, then, we do not see more luxurious companies using TikTok to reach their audience? It is already known today that famous people use the platform to reach their fans — which from the beginning is the cornerstone of what an influencer meant before the term became known.

Why could they not be ambassadors for luxury brands?

At the same time, one can understand that when it comes to luxury, it seems that the big names invest more in retaining their loyal customers than experimenting to engage new ones.

It may be more of an investment for a luxury company to try digital platforms when they want to stick to the physical like events or magazines.

But what about the consumer’s changing buying behavior?

While the TikTok content style may be different from the exclusive and luxurious message that luxury brands present, changing consumer behaviors may ultimately mean that luxury brands have no choice but to go on board.

Do they have anything to lose by trying? Today, the largest online store consists of younger consumers who use their tablets and smartphones. It’s really all about creating a vision and marketing plan where they can turn to the right people in influencer marketing who have just the right target groups and people who can identify with the brand.

Brands like Ryanair, MediaMarkt, Tinder and Netflix use TikTok to get closer to their consumers and fans — by doing it their way. And it works! Whether it’s about pushing common travel questions, advice when dating or sneak peeks at series — this is a great and easy way to get closer to your fans.

The current goes in one direction, you might just slide with it to keep the speed.

Who knows? 2022 could just as easily be the year when luxury brands dominate our TikTok feed, by opening up a more intimate and entertaining view on their brand.