Creating Something Simple Is Often The Hardest Thing To Do

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2 min readFeb 11, 2022


1. Simple

Creating simple is often the hardest. It’s like watching Bob Ross painting on YouTube while talking about where to put the next tree and you know for a fact that when you’re going to do it — it will look like crap. Same thing with watching chefs during a cooking program — you never know how much heat you’re supposed to have or the way to season the food. You know for a fact that it’s going to taste something else.

When it comes to creating content for TikTok a great example of simplicity was the Dreams trend with a few components: A guy skateboarding, Ocean Spray Cranberry juice, and Fleetwood Mac’s Dream. Three components were the basic parts of the Dreams trend.

But, to make recognizable “interpretations” of the original, each of those factors might be replaced with substitutes. People driving or walking were frequently shown on TikTok. People were drinking anything other than Ocean Spray, and, there were also those skateboarding, but the music wasn’t Dreams.

2. Global

Your video must be at least understood (and usually makes the person watching it smile). The more friction there is (the harder it becomes to be global), the less likely it is to become a trend.

The perfect example of that is Khabane Lame. His videos are primarily duet videos where people make something more difficult than it is. He answers by giving a simple solution paired with an emotionless face.

3. Reactivity

Clearly, there is an X-factor to any popular TikTok fad. There is a vague sense that there is something in there that will elicit an instinctive response (good or bad). “Surprising, emotionally complex or extremely positive” is the typical tone of viral trends.

Doesn’t matter if you are a brand or an individual, starting a TikTok trend can pay off hugely.

There is no answer to how to start a trend on TikTok, even though studying trend characteristics may help you on the way to start a trend yourself. Being creative is what every trend has in common. So difficult — yet so productive.



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