How Food and Drink Brands are Conquering the Gaming World

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2 min readFeb 23, 2022


During the course of the pandemic, streaming viewing has become significantly larger. Through media platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, HitBox, Beam and Azubu, we see that the increase in profiles that stream when they play computer games has become enormous compared to what it looked like a couple of years ago.

What you probably don’t think about, when you see how gaming profiles like Asmongold, Shroud, DrDisrespect or Ninja play, is the consumption of food and drink.

It is obvious that if you are stuck with the computer during your 8–12 working hours per day, you need energy by ordering your food.

Because when they sit at their platforms and talk while they play, it happens that they will have to take a break to eat. Right there, the advertising is clear. While they are playing, they ask their followers who are actively following them during the day about what to eat and it happens very often that the followers have better control of their diet circle than they do themselves — considering that they are actually the ones who play, the followers are just the audience.

If you see a can of soda or a pizza box in the background or that the streamer actually consumes food or drink while he/she is playing, your subconscious will usually end up buying them soon. Younger generations usually trade those that others trade because they want to be like their idols.

As food and drink brands look to target their ideal audiences, they are turning to gaming influencers on Twitch.

Big brands like PizzaHut, Doritos, KFC and Burger King have made use of big streaming profiles to market their products through competitions in connection with them playing. It could be that the more points they get in a game — the more people have a greater chance of winning a voucher to use or to win Doritos for a whole year.

I mean, what gamer does not like to win?

Burger King did a campaign a couple of years ago, through Rockstar Games, where they offered a free Whopper burger at their restaurants for the Red Dead Redemption 2 players who could prove that in the game they collected all the ingredients required for a Whopper.

An incredibly smart way to tie your brand into a game based on Wild Western where they are easy to gather the ingredients: a cow, a pig, a piece of cheese, and some bread.

Non-gaming brands should take inspiration from these examples to collaborate with gaming brands.

This is a truly effective way to reach out to gaming audience.

Photo credit: Love Hulten