How To Embrace The Environment And Make It Yours.

There is alot to get from environments, places and other components that you’re supposed to use to create that material that you need to make an efficient engagement.

It’s all about catching the right concept at the right place.

Inspiration is all around us and is there to be picked up for. Just like the kitchen where you stand everyday to cook your meals, could be the pillar for your creation for the pictures or videos. Or the street you pass every morning is actually your homecourt.

Your followers are your fans because they want to know who the person is behind the screen. For example we did a campaign to promote a famous sports brand. We wanted our influencers to show the world what their homecourt was. And so they did. By taking them back to their roots where all started, they showed their followers where the person behind the camera came from and what made them to be what they are today.

It’s all connected somehow. You just need to establish your environment.