​​How to Strengthen Your Brand in Terms of Planning

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2 min readMar 16, 2022

It’s easy to be hindsight. It’s also easy to plan — if you know what you are looking for specific goals with your brand.

Fashion Week in Paris has just ended and has been going on annually for over 50 years. Having a plan to showcase clothes in the spring for winter collection and vice versa shows that designers must always be at the forefront of their creation.

This also applies to companies, services, and brands that have their annual plans where they need to take into account which days, holidays, and seasons that occur during the year can strengthen their brand awareness.

Now Easter is around the corner and then it is obvious for companies to create marketing that can strengthen their brand through smart campaigns that get a good reach on social media.

The question is how, where and what?

  • Is it that you as a brand hide an Easter egg in the store to drive traffic to the stores so that your customers have to photograph themselves in order to win a prize?
  • Maybe your customers should make Easter eggs together with a chocolate cake to take photos in connection with a competition?
  • Or maybe you are launching a table setting that is in line with the colors of spring?

An example of a brand that has used its brand awareness through various media channels is Carlsberg.

With their iconic tagline “If Carlsberg did” which was founded already in the ’70s, they have been able to adapt to different seasons and recognition judgments. It has become a meme in its own right and it is also an effort for the brand to push the quality and premium positioning of its beer.

Carlsberg took its famous slogan ‘if Carlsberg did’ to extremes with an Easter campaign in 2016. The beer brand created a giant chocolate bar in Shoreditch, East London, supported on social media by #ifcarlsbergdidchocolatebars. It took 500kg (yes, half a ton) of chocolate to make the lifesize pub complete with chocolate beer tap and dartboard.

A perfect example of how you can market yourself in a fun, smart, strategic way and even highlight your brand in a connection that you are not used to seeing.

Maybe there is a date around the corner that can help you along the way.

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: “A goal without a plan is just a wish”.