Society icon expands to the UK!

Since our start in 2018 in Stockholm, we’ve built the company on the vision ”Everyone’s influence counts” — that’s something that we truly stand by.

Expanding to our neighbors in Scandinavia, we’re eager for more. We aim to redefine what media and marketing are all about — based on genuine, mutual interests and value for everyone involved.

We want to help you as a brand to connect and grow, together with your loyal fans. It’ll show your integrity. And integrity is endearing.

A new culture and creative economy are on the rise, raising a powerful voice, a voice in which we believe.

Photo by ICON Studios

We started this journey to help brands of any sort to connect and grow, together with this culture of content creator. From big brands that are a part of the society to smaller businesses that want to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and create meaningful jobs with greater job satisfaction.

Creators like you and me. Inviting them to co-create, communicate, and be the extended marketing department, while increasing the relationship and loyalty between brand and consumer.

Our mission is to guide icons to become what they are destined to be, together with the brands they love.

That is why we are extra proud today to be launching in the UK.

We are here to serve the future.

Everyone’s influence counts. Everyone is iconic.