Vote for Video

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2 min readNov 24, 2022

Why TikToks increasing popularity is so huge is that its short-form videos that compromise important information is so easy to digest for people. The trends for SoMe that is around the corner (2023) shows that this social media platform will be used more by marketers to advertise their services and products.

2022 has already taught marketers that the users attention span has gradually decreased. Why is that? People are on the run. The world is fast-paced and to be honest: we rarely have time to sit down and read stuff. We need content to stimulate our minds.

That’s why the video content is the new ruler.

Text and image content has been placed lower and that’s fact.

Another subject that’s on the rise is that the ads budget is growing. Just a few days ago, Instagram chose to put ads on people’s own feed and not just the ”common feed”. That means that if you are looking at a friends posts, you will see ads as well. Even if some brands are trying to stay away from paid campaigns, and is focusing on a strong content strategy — 2023 shows that more brands will implement ads.

No matter what social media platform you’re on, you will need to make supplementary efforts to attract new leads and clients. That means in the long-term that the weight on the content creators shoulders is less and the help of the ads will easily push the organic content. Puh.

If you’re not yet using ads to promote your campaigns, maybe it’s time reconsider the idea.

Thanks to the clever way of promoting your business through ads and video content there is a great way of using micro and nano influencers. They can help you propel your products and services to their audiences, increasing engagement, interactions and even sales.

With all industries changing due to inflation and high prices, marketers are reluctant to invest huge sums of money to work with big influencers. At the end of the day, not all of their followers will become your followers.

As we are closing the year — we can surely know one thing: video content is on the rise, and it’s here to stay!