Why Some Brands Are Better Performers With SoMe

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2 min readJan 31, 2023

Marketing on social media has become a crucial part of brand strategy. Some brands are able to connect with their audience and establish their presence in a crowded online space while others struggle to reach the same level of success.

So, what sets successful brands apart from the rest?

Targeted audience
Brands that know their target audience and understand their needs and preferences are able to tailor their marketing strategy to reach them effectively on social media.

Consistent brand voice
Brands that have a clear and consistent brand voice are able to create a strong identity and establish a relationship with their audience.

Relevant content
Social media is about engaging with your audience and providing them with relevant, valuable content. Brands that understand this and create content that resonates with their audience will stand out from the crowd.

Consumers are looking for genuine connections with brands and they can sense when a brand is being inauthentic. Brands that showcase their personality and values on social media will establish a loyal following.

Social listening
Social listening involves paying attention to what is being said about your brand on social media and using that information to improve your strategy. Brands that listen to their audience and respond to their needs will build trust and establish a strong presence on social media.

Timing and frequency
Timing is everything on social media and brands need to understand when their audience is online and active. Brands that post regularly and at the right time will be able to reach a larger audience and increase engagement.

In conclusion, successful brands on social media have a clear understanding of their target audience, consistent brand voice, relevant content, authenticity, effective social listening, and timing and frequency. By focusing on these key elements, brands can establish a strong presence on social media and connect with their audience effectively.

Look after your consumers and they will look after you!