Why the Creator and the Fan are Important to the Brands

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2 min readApr 27, 2022

Something that has really been clear during the course of the pandemic is how the creator’s economy has increased through all platforms. Blogs, Twitch, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. The industry has reached new heights and we are talking about billions of users and there are no signs that it will slow down.

The creators are the new brands. Being at home in their own environments, writing texts that are similar to their followers every day, and also being able to have a humorous dispute, creates a recognition that is closer than ever.

It can be difficult to see how a product works or how a garment fits when you only see a picture of the product itself. It raises more question marks than answers. Therefore, it is easier to create in front of your cameras, whether an image or video, to be authentic and genuine.

In video form, it also becomes stronger with movies or live broadcasts, because then it is the hype that makes the material faithful. Followers can be proud of saying “I was there” or that they can quickly go in and check out the product as soon as the video is published or even in the live stream.

Today, it is also the younger generation that dominates with their sharp knowledge of what works with what and how to actually create a beautiful material. There are endless sources of inspiration and you can basically find anything on the internet.

Creating has the ability to utilize the technology that exists to be able to mix content and commerce is one of the biggest factors that drives the growth of creators as sellers. In addition, they have the ability to create communities for their fans.

People who show off their clothes and how they match, or how a person who plays computer games uses a certain piece of equipment, it is not about the garment or the product itself, but it is about the person behind it. It’s the feeling of community. It is truly brand loyalty.

The difference between a brand and a customer is not the same as the creator and a fan.

It’s something completely different.